Interview With Pye Jirsa

Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Pye Jirsa of Lin & Jirsa Wedding Photography.  I was stunned at what he and his partners have done it such a short amount of time.  Basically it boils down to one thing – they were business people before they were photographers, and it shows.  They’ve been able to grow their business extremely quickly because they’re following solid business & marketing principles that most photographers don’t take into account.  Here are a few things every photographer should learn from Lin & Jirsa:

  • Use Social Media (blog, twitter, etc – Pye and I connected first on Twitter)
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – optimize your site so that you come up when people search in Google, Yahoo, etc.  Pye’s site has been getting some great search traffic ever since they did their own SEO
  • “Make every customer a friend”   This is basic relationship building and communication and most people aren’t great at it because they don’t realize how powerful it can be.  Referrals are free and referral business by nature will appreciate you more, pay you more, and be more loyal.
  • Don’t go it alone – they have a partnership.  If you’re a great photographer but you stink at business & marketing, maybe you should find someone to help you out.

To learn how Pye and his partners are growing their photography business by leaps and bounds, listen to the full interview below:

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Pye, thanks again.
You can check out their work at and you can follow Pye on Twitter at @Pyeman – highly recommended.

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