How Much Money Do Photographers Make?

Almost two weeks ago, I posted a poll on Twitter asking photographers if their photography business was their sole source of income. Not surprisingly, many said no (the details are below). On the same day, Jack Hollingsworth, posted a similar poll and asked photographers how much their photography business grossed last year. Similar results (see his poll below as well).

Interestingly, Jack’s poll showed that over 65% of the responders made less than $20,000 in 2008. My poll showed that 65% of photographers have to supplement their income with something other than photography.

These results beg the question, “Why do so many photographers struggle to make money?” I suppose there are many answers. Some photographers just aren’t any good (sorry, but its true). Others have no idea how to run a business so they end up spending money in the wrong places, they’re disorganized, and things just slip through the cracks. And a big chunk of photographers have no idea how to market their work and create desire in their target market (if they’ve even defined a target market).

I’d love to hear your comments below. Let me know why you think so many photographers struggle. If you’ve figured out how to be successful, share your success with the community.



How Much Did Your Photography Business Gross Last Year

Is Photography Your Sole Source of Income

Written by Tyler in: business planning,marketing,photography | on Sep 07 2009
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